Export of Japanese-made cosmetics and beauty products at wholesale prices

Note: Currently we do not entertain any query regarding cosmetic products from new customers due to our inability to assure the supply of these goods to any customer while many non-Japanese tourists visiting Japan have been buying up a large quantity of available stock in Japanese market.
Please understand that we are unable to reply to the query for these goods.

(We still accept the query about the beauty devices such as Exideal and Roicosmo.)

Popular Japanese beauty products and cosmetics at reasonable prices

We export major Japanese beauty products and cosmetics at wholesale prices.
Japanese cosmetics are in popular demand all over the world now, and there are export restrictions for most products.
We can export products to most countries, with only a few exceptions.
We can acquire and export products that other companies cannot.
We also handle many other brands and manufacturers, so please contact us for further information.

Wholesale Home Use Beauty Equipment (Exideal etc.) at Wholesale Prices

You can not only purchase Japanese cosmetics from us at the wholesale price, but also Japanese beauty products, including one of the Japan’s extremely popular products, Exideal and Roicosmo.
We have recently had a lot of enquiries regarding Exideal and Roicosmo. It seems that most of the customers purchase at retail prices, and fail to import at wholesale prices to their own countries.

“ We purchase at Amazon Japan, and sell in our county.”
“We visit Japan to purchase Exideal, and purchase at retail prices.”
These are some of the comments we have received.

Please feel free to contact us if you consider purchasing Exideal and Roicosmo, or other Japanese home use beauty products. We can help you.

Japan Beauty product Brands and Manufacturers

  • Shiseido (Integrate, Majolica Majorca, MAQuillAGE, Preall, Ayura,Bare Mineral)
  • Kose(Predia, Infinity, Esprique, Sekkisei, Sekkisei Supreme, Visee, Fasio, Elsia, Nature and Co., Whitist)
  • P&G(SK-II, Max Factor, Illume)
  • Kracie HP(Hadabisei, Moistage, Hadashukan)
  • Mandom(Gatsby, Lucido, Bifesta)
  • Kao (Sofina, Est, Curel, Oriena)
  • Vogue (Exideal, Exideal mini)
  • Roicosmo (Plasence, Beau de peau, Vita-Colla 20000)

Japan Beauty Product Categories

Face Wash, Beauty Essence, Serum, Cleansing, Lipstick, Cosmetics, Home use beauty equipment